VT Soccer
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Pete Welch (BBC News VT), Bob Gow (1), Bill Mackie (1), Ross Archer (1), unidentified guest,
Mick Goodenough (1), Pete Sandison (1),
Front (l to r)
Ron Cole (1), Trevor (guest), Tommy Moss (1), Fred Hadwick (guest)
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Mick Goodenough (1), Pete Sandison (1), Gary Lavery (lib), Ross Archer (1),
Clive Penny (lib), Nigel Stoddart (1)
Front (l to r)
Ron Cole (lib), Trevor (guest), Stewart Clayton (guest), ?? (lib), ?? (lib)
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Ross Archer (1), Clive Penny (lib), Gary Lavery (lib), Dave Bartram (guest), Pete Sandison (1),
Nick Martin (lib), Roger Martin (2)
Front (l to r)
Roy Zuchelkowski (lib), Nick Dodds (lib), Ron Cole (lib), Dave Bartram's son, Mick Goodenough (1)
Back (l to r)
Pete Sandison (1), Lawrence Green (lib), Colin Harrison (lib), Ross Archer (1),
Mick Goodenough (1), Clive Penny (lib)
Front (l to r)
Mike "Badger" Brock (lib), Roger Martin (2), Nick Martin (lib), Ron Cole (lib), Ben Robinson (1)
Soccer 2013
2013 - Tel Rec & Friends Christmas Lunch
Back (l to r)
Ross Archer, Mike"Badger Brock" Brock, Pete Reason, Clive Penney, Nick Martin, Pete Sandison
Front (l to r)
Mick Goodenough, Ron Cole, Roger Martin

Thanks to Mick Goodenough, Mike Brock and CB for this set of pictures

Pete Welch (BBC News VT) Bob Gow Bill Mackie Ross Archer Mick Goodenough Pete Sandison Ron Cole Tommy Moss