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The Shibadens - quite a few memories here!
The four pictures above from Bob Wilson show a Shibaden SVR800 (I think) from around 1968, currently at the BFI. They were used (as we all remember) for office viewing and by editors for spotting flash frames - especially useful for the dreaded 'painting'.
The recording duration, in monochrome on half inch tape, was one hour.
Trolley mounted - what else! - they gave valuable service until the advent of VHS at the end of the 70s. The name lived on in the Shibshed - picture of Alison McCarthy adjusting something (right).

Later on we had a couple (?) of Sony EIAJ colour recorders about the area. No pictures at the moment.

Bob asks if anyone has any old, whatever condition, video recorders or manuals for use by the British Film Institute to get in touch.(e-mail link below)