Munich 1972 - Summer Olympics
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Arnie Brown & Jeff Goddard Roger Harvey, Chris Booth & Robin Clark
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Munich was the first overseas operation for a major 'force' of Television Centre VT staff. Ned Hughes remembers, "Doug Parsons, Geoff Taylor, Roger Harvey, Neil Pittaway, Geoff Higgs, Sam Andrew, Arnold Brown, Dennis Collett, John Claxton, Chris Booth, Robin Clark, Ned Hughes, Dave Jones and Alastair Knox........As I recall, we all travelled over to Germany just under a week in advance in order to familiarise ourselves with the facilities. Our flight was from Heathrow in a Trident 1A, the same piece of kit that had fallen from the sky over the Staines reservoir a week or so earlier!"
In fact Dave Jones and Sam Andrew drove down in Dave's Ford Zodiac which was insured for others of us to drive as well. RDH, Arnie Brown, Robin Clark & CB experienced some considerable problems getting back into Germany on the night of September 5th following an outing in Dave's car!

MovieThere are quite a few pictures on the following pages, but, if you want to browse through more nostalgia, click the Gallery icon below to view a larger gallery of images taken in Munich.
I have recently found some Super 8mm film (silent) that I shot at the time - click the icon to watch. It contains general shots around the Olympic Park, Munich (featuring the Hofbrauhaus and a tram!) and finishes with the stadium at night and the team waiting to come home.