Many of the "Older" VT folk will know all about the VR2000 and can still probably lace a tape and set it up for a perfect replay in their sleep, but, for those visitors who have never met one in the metal, you will find three short videos below describing exactly the process of preparing the machine for playback.
The VR2000B was capable of superb playback quality, but required a careful lineup to get the best out of it. As you can see from the picture above, there were quite a few knobs to tweak!

In 2004 the PrestoSpace project produced a DVD about the preservation of 2 inch tape. It included the editing film that you can find sections of in Editing as well as the demonstrations below of Cleaning, Loading and Lining Up a VR2000B. Some of you will recognise the engineer, so, in advance, I thank Edwin for his clear explanation.