Lime Grove

This is not an accurate drawing and, if you think it was different(!), please let me know! The machines started off in the area marked VT21/22, although they were known as TR/TK11 & 12. Later they were moved to the area marked VT23/24 where they stayed until early 1966. A new area was built in 21/22 with a VR2000 and an RCA TR4A while the VR1000 slow motion machine was first installed in 23/24. Finally 21/22 became a pair of VR2000Bs - you can track all these changes in Machine Records from the Timeline in Hardware thanks to Don Kershaw's meticulous records.
This area was part of Film Recording and Telecine and many of us will recall the LT room on the floor below where VT and FR originally did their plugging.