Oldboys Voyage 2010
MovieMovieTuesday, June 15th, saw an additional event in the Oldboys social calendar - a voyage on the River Thames. Organised by Ian Rutter (maritime side) and Howard Dell (catering side), some 16 Oldboys took a voyage from Marlow to Bourne End and back in the safe hands of Ian, with his electric launch "Eddy Current", ably crewed by his wife Sylvia, and Ian's friends Derek Brown and Dick Bradford with their steam launches "Vanessa" and "Surabaya". We began with lunch at the "Two Brewers" in Marlow.
Click the green icon to view a short "Sights & Sounds" movie of the voyage in 4x3, the blue icon for the 16x9 version, and follow Gallery at the bottom of the page for even more pictures - ah, the technology!!
Lunch Lunch
Toast Group
After lunch we all raised a glass to Ken Griffin
who sadly passed away on June 9th
Before embarking, there was time for a team photo!
Afloat Afloat
"Surabaya" backing away from the landing stage Waiting to enter Marlow Lock
Afloat Afloat
A rendezvous to transfer a bottle of bubbly! "Surabaya" at speed
Afloat Afloat
Chris Wadsworth and David Devlin relax That's where the bubbly finished up!
Stan Pow, Chris Dymond, Geoff Higgs and Roger White
Afloat Afloat
"Vanessa"'s engine Cap'n Ian, Dennis Collett, Roger White and Stan Pow
Afloat Afloat
Marlow bound on the return trip Ian Williams and Bob Wilson
Afloat Afloat
Marlow Weir Disembarking.