Dan George

It is with personal sadness that I have to inform you that Dan George passed away on the weekend of December 4th. Dan worked as a System Manager supporting TV Operations and was a familiar face in the Newsroom and TV galleries. He has worked for the BBC for 29 years in a variety of operational and support roles and was based both at Lime Grove and in TV Centre.
Our thoughts are with Dan's family, friends and many colleagues who have worked with Dan over the years, he will be sadly missed.

Charles Mooney

Before he moved to News, Dan was on VT Shift 1 in the early 1980s and many of the Oldboyswill remembered him.
The photograph on the right was taken by Gareth Maynard at A85's 25 year reunion in 2006 at Wood Norton. Dan is second from the left in the group.
Dan George
Chris Booth