All the VT machines we used were designed and built by several manuafacturers, Ampex initially being the best known. Each machine had its own sales brochure extolling it's various features and, of course, each company had its salesmen. I actually have a mate who, many, many years ago, used to sell RCA TR4s and 22s for a living......... (CB).
Amongst many fascinating documents passed on to us from the late Don Kershaw's collection were a selection of machine brochures - see the menu below.

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  A 'cutdown' version of the VR2000B
  Arrived in the late 1960s - a superb machine
  The first portable VTR
  Arrived in the late 1960s - the Video Disc
  The last word in quad VTRs
  VPR300 - the D2 Composite Digital VTR

  We never had one - but what a machine!

  With Autoanimate
  The 'simpler' one
  Second generation slomo controller

  October 1966
  October 1966
  October 1966
  October 1966

  Brochure dated 1967