The Area
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Edit Suite B Edit Suite G
The 1980s saw the development of the major edit suites, all equipped with C format one inch machines.
The pictures above show, on the left, Suite B on the fourth floor of the Spur and Suite G in the Basement under TC1
VT25 Edit Suite B
The added flexibility of the machines gave the opportunity to build or modify 'temporary' installations for specific projects. On the left is VT25 editing the Royal Wedding in July 1981 while on the right is an enhanced Edit Suite B in the late 1980 editing a "Driving Force" shot entirely on Beta SP.
VT29 VT24
The standard cubicles took on a different arrangement for one inch with each cubicle having two machines and capable of editing on its own. A great change from the VR2000 cubicles of the 1970s SYPHER dubbing (SYnchronous Playback of Helical scan and Eight track Recorder) in VT24. Ray Johnson at the controls.
The Office VT Control
The Supervisor's Office was moved out of the basement VT Area into what had been a tape store opposite the entrance to the VT area.
VT Control was finally rebuilt with a most impressive new desk and routing bays