This is the place to appeal for any manuals, machines, spares or whatever. Someone, somewhere out there probably has just what you want in their garage or under the bed..

Chris Owen


Chris writes: I collect old Radio OB equipment and some (smaller) items of radio studiokit. I'm the owner of the microphones and Midget disc recorders on Roger Beckwith's site. I also do displays of old BBC kit at vintage Radio shows when time and work allows. I would one day like to open a small museum dedicated to radio OB's - possibly in Bangor as so much output came from there during WW2 - or even Evesham! What I wouldn't give now for a rummage round the old wooden huts that have long since gone.Perhaps I should put my museum in a wooden hut!
Basically I'm looking for any older items of Radio OB or Radio studio equipment equipment. I have the beginnings of a 'wanted' page on the link above.