VT tea

A mug of VT Tea was like the nectar of the Gods - it says here! In the early days of the department there was plenty of time to head for the canteen for morning coffee, afternoon tea and the like, but, as bookings became more and more intense, the time for such an expedition was not available. Room was found in Area 2 (the 'old' FR area) to have a kettle and so the art of VT Tea began.
MovieThe Tea Room was not just a place to make a mug of tea, but a place where expertise, not just about VT machines, but cars, radios, tv sets and, in later times, computers, could be exchanged. The one thing that many of those who left missed about VT was the sharing of information that we had all gleaned ourselves.
In the late 1970s the "VT Tea" brand expanded worldwide as some of the pictures below illustrate. In "Good King Memorex" there is an advert spot - click the blue camera icon to share the VT Tea experience!

Movie 2Evidence has just arrived of an even earlier example of tea making - TK Tea! Those of you who had the privilege(?) of working in VT at Lime Grove will remember the call from TK Control "Kettle's on". The second (brief) clip is from Lawford Thomas' film shot in Lime Grove Telecine in the 1960s. I would imagine that Health & Safety might have something to say about it nowadays!
Click the green camera icon.

At 40,000 ft on the flightdeck of a British Airtours Boeing 707 over France en route to Ibiza in 1976
VT was there
Taking a refreshing cup of VT Tea on Es Cana beach in Ibiza. The lower picture was on the Tea Room wall in poster format for several years. The 'model' was a Dutch girl who, according to John Sarson, couldn't speak a word of English.
Stan Pow in Red Square
As you can see , VT Tea even penetrated the Iron Curtain to make a guest appearance in Red Square!
Las Vegas 1972
Howard Dell supplied these two shots from Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam in 1979
Hoover Dam 1972