VT 24
Mick Goodenough mentions VT inserts in the wrong order - I must add a little confession here. This picture (we think around 1969) from Howard Dell also brings back the memories. It was the preview on Nationwide of the "Pallissers" starring (among others, Susan Hampshire) and we (Chris B, Mick G and another) had been battling all day to edit together a set of six interviews/features for the 'national' bit of the programme. Bob Marsland (Bub Landsmar of the Dave Rixon cartoon) was the studio director and Patsy Wilcox the new PA, who left as we went on air leaving us the running order. Needless to say, the first insert was the wrong one, followed by the second which was also the wrong one - and the third - and the fourth - and the fifth. By this time talkback levels were a bit higher and we assured Bub (sorry, Bob) that we must have the last one right - but we didn't.......Mick Goodenough adds "After the fifth piece of VT was wrong I recued it just in case they wanted it again. About 20 minutes later Sportswide presenter Des Lynham, just cutting his teeth on TV, led into his first goals edit - and up popped another Pallisers clip!!"
Another memory jogged by this picture - especially for editors of the period - was of the animations we made using the frame by frame auto animate mode of the Editec.