Over the years several members of Television Recording put down their thoughts about the department, its history and the development of videotape. Here, so far, are a couple of documents to begin with from Don Kershaw and Neil Pittaway. They are reproduced as written and are valuable as a record of the past. I have also added a quote from Will Wyatt's book as it captures the essence of VT.

Don writes.."When I left the BBC in 1992, I had the full intention of writing my history in the BBC but had to give up because of the strain on my eyesight, searching through documents to get facts right. I had got as far as Ediplace!!"

Don sadly passed away in May 2008. Neil Pittaway has written an appreciation of Don which you can view here Go. Don's writings and his machine records (Hardware, Timeline) are a fitting tribute to his contribution to the furtherment of videotape, both in the BBC and worldwide.

Neil wrote this in early 2007and makes the point that many of us have seen the birth and death of tape in (virtually) our working lives - and it was (mostly) great fun!

Bob Oakley pointed me at this paragraph from Will Wyatt's book "The Fun Factory", which describes the basement in the 1970s very well indeed. Having read the book now I would highly recommend it - apologies to Will if I have misused the quote.