MovieIn 1959 - OK, it's not quite the 1960s - Richard Cawston made a documentary capturing one day in the life of the BBC. Its title was "This is the BBC" and it was premiered before an invited audience on November 12th 1959 at the Odeon, Leicester Square.
It was transmitted on the opening night of Television Centre, Wednesday June29th 1960, at 7.30pm, and won the British Film Academy's Oscar for best specialised film.
At some 65 minutes, it is too long to show in its entirety, but this clip shows the coverage of the Lincolnshire Handicap
Continuity linking to the OB. a very wrinkled cyc! Scanner interior - is that Brian Venner nearest camera (right)
Continuity linking to the OB in front of a very wrinkled cyc! Scanner interior - Ray Lakeland directing, John Mason (right)