Ten Years Gone
This was a 'programme' that Ed & I made in the late 60s. It was just after the installation of the vidicon ident cameras in the cubicle, and everyone discovered that they would work (sort of) as real cameras. Several offerings were made, as well as some more shots taken in 1970 when an Ampex VR3000 backpack and camera 'passed through' VT. There is also a bit of Alan Edgingtons 8mm movie of VT. Apologies for the quality but this material IS multi-multi-generation and format. But browse through the page and return to those halcyon days of Shift 1 and Shift 2. Video available where indicated.
Neil Pittaway Don Kershaw and Willy West
MovieNeil Pittaway introducing part of "Ten Years Gone" (this is the original speeded up Alan Edgington film - see below for new version)
MovieThe early days - Don Kershaw, Willie West and - I'm sure someone out there knows who the 'third man' is? ( short video - mute)
The Welsh Fireworks
Dave May
MovieWho could forget the "Welsh Fireworks"?
MovieDave May, in Plymouth, tells the story of the Great VT Flood.

Ed Wooden and Nick Bayston

Alan Edginton
MovieEd Wooden interviews Nick Bayston about the HS100 Video Disk. Cameraman is Don Kershaw with the VR3000 backpack and camera.
MovieAlan Edgington. For a long time we have had the speeded up version of Alan's movie.This has now been replaced with a remastered version - mute at the moment.
Ron Nelmes and Bob Dinsmore  Chris Booth and John Bullard
MovieRon Nelmes and Bob Dinsmore in "Late Night Dropout" .
Now playing the full movie at original size.
MovieChris Booth interviews John Bullard about 'The Editing'