Rob Deacon
Ok what can I say ....Rob Deacon my best friend, your Dad, brother, colleague , VT Editor, lifelong Fulham supporter, punk rocker and guitarist.

Born to his Italian mother Ermenia and British born father Arthur.... in 1959 he was one of four children and brought up in London.

By all accounts he had a wonderful misspent youth playing in bands and enjoying all the advantages that being a rock star encountered. It wasn’t all roses, but at 17 when he left home to work in a local plumbers merchant he found himself living in his red post office van that he had exchanged a guitar for, with one of his friends.

As Ray has said... He played with Adam Ant and Stewart Copeland and roadied for the Damned whilst playing with his own band the Satellites and was known as sneak...sneaky deak!

When he met Louise and Jamie his oldest son came along, he knew it was time to put down his guitar for a while and concentrate on his family. Five years after that came Richard and after another 5 years he was blessed with his wonderful daughter Sophie

. .. His love of music stayed with him, going to the proms, classical concerts and even the Royal Opera House a few years ago to watch Carmen. He still picked up his guitar occasionally.... always frustrated that his fingers no longer moved along the frets as easily as they once did.

Rob was an amazing and kind man, the only man who continually caused me to cry with laughter, he was always willing to help and encourage anyone ... he always told me I could do anything..... I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. Only a few months ago when I boarded for my new job he rang just before I was about to go into my interview and said, don’t forget to make ‘em laugh and tell them the story about Athens.......this job was made for you!

I am sure many of us here were on the end of and very grateful for his DIY talents, always happy to lend a hand and get stuck in. I think he nearly blew Dave Ackies house up when he wired the central heating switch the wrong way around and Sharons mini Trevi fountain never quite got finished, but in our house he always saved the day. Like when Lex and I thought we could build a go cart by ourselves professing all day who needs Rob Deacon....well ... after 8 hours and 10 drill bits, trying to take a silver cross pram apart for its wheels ....we knew that call had to be made and of course he was straight round with his angle grinder.... and a few hours later a go cart appeared.

Rob also had a love of good food and indulged himself and those around him, seeking out restaurants and nothing gave him more pleasure than taking those he loved out to eat with him. Then there was the legend of the Rob Deacon Roast dinner that could be knocked up in half an hour and is still a favourite in our house today...spit roasted Chicken, frozen roast potatoes, frozen Yorkshires, peas and carrots washed down with instant Bisto gravy, he said life was for living not standing in the kitchen cooking!

Rob always seemed to take everything in his stride, there wasn’t anything that phased him, at work even the sports AP s were unable to rile him. Rob left the BBC happy that he had his redundancy and it tickled him that he was back the next day as a freelancer, life couldn’t have been better, he bought his sports car and enjoyed taking out anyone who wanted a ride in it. He had plans to drive down the Italian coast, take lots of holidays and see more of his children, but sadly that was not to be. Tragically, he was diagnosed with his brain tumour and in Robs calm and contained manner when I was getting angry and asking why him (this wasn’t in the plan)...... he simply replied why not. The treatment Rob had took its toll and although he kept fighting with dignity and good humour it wasn’t to be. So to all of you here, take away all your good memories of him and go and live your lives to the full and have fun, I love you Rob Deacon...... now go and make music in the sky.
Clair Lawrence