Party Political Broadcasts

This series of pictures is from Howard Dell of a restorative drink after Mary Keene's last Party Political Broadcast before her retirement in 1979.This should bring back some memories for those 'older' oldboys! Please excuse spelling errors with names (send me corrections - please!)
  Dave Hambelton, Mary Keene, Gerry McDonough
and Howard in the foreground
Margaret Douglas Dave Hambelton, Pat Hubbard, Mary Keene
and Gerry McDonough
Small gin, please Margaret Douglas, Gerry Mac and Jean Dyball(?)

Howard continues concerning the pictures:-
"It must be ten years since I've spoken to her but she sounded reasonably bright and Mary-ish although she said she's been very ill for the last three years with a viral thing that was life threatening............I gather she still has quite a lot of pain. She's 80+ now.
Anyway we spoke about this and that, generally the demise of BBC standards, and she sends her best wishes. She has confirmed that the date of the photos........taken on the BBC Club Roof after her last PPB Tx was July 1979.
Other news is that Margaret Douglas has retired comparatively recently; Jean Dyball is alive and well in the West Country; but Stanley Hyland died in 1997 (her lovely vague boss, remember?)."

(Mary sadly passed away in March 2002, Margaret Douglas in 2008)