Chris DymondShift One were into motorsport - remember the shift 'rallies' which trailed across South East England, usually finishing up at a good pub for lunch. Sadly we don't have any pictures of these - or, do we?
Shift Two, on the other hand, were into Outings. John Reid (thank you, John) has started the ball rolling with these three slides from a trip to North Wales in, we think, 1974.
There are quite few memorable faces here, despite the somewhat dark photographs due to the weather. Chris Dymond, right, is the first.
I had hardly posted this page when Vivien Comley sent me another Shift two outing photograph - it's at the bottom of the page.


Brian Woodfield
Brian Woodfield and Blanche - it looks cold, Brian!
En route
A rogues gallery if ever there was one. Recognisable (to me, CB) are Bob Wilson, his wife, Sue, Pete Dunkley, Sam Andrew (possibly) and Brian Woodfield. I've done my best with the picture, but any other names would be welcome - and photos as well.
John Sedgwick adds:-
One name I can add to the group on the bus is John James, ex Library/Current Ops, he is sitting on the back row to the right of the door. I wonder if the person on the opposite side of the door could be Chris Playll.
The bus was taking us, I think, from a one way ride on the Ffestiniog Railway to Bangor Station, via Anglesey, just over the bridge and back, for the train back to London. We wondered if we would actually get there as the bus engine wasn't in the best of health.
Cardiff Castle
Another Shift Two outing, this time to Cardiff Castle, travelling on the then new HS125 train, (thanks to Viv Comley). Group includes (l to r), Bill Horn, John Sedgwick, John Sillitto and John Wright - any other identification very welcome.