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VHS edit
The first major revolution for Offline editing in the 1980s was the VHS format. This photograph is of one of the Offline suites in the Basement under TC1. The editing system did not synchronise the machines, but was consistent, so that repeatable edits could be made, but not quite where you would expect!
VHS edit on location
Being small and, relatively, light, the VHS Offline was an ideal candidate for editng on location. The photograph above is of Malcolm Banthorpe's edit suite in a hotel room in Ipswich during the shooting of the Children's series "Children of Greene Knowe". This was most succesful and many subsequent location sessions were completed - "Rockliffe's Babies" and, later on, "Casualty"..
The need for not only accurate editing but the production of edit lists for online conforming exercised many minds during the late 1980s. This photograph is of Ron Bowman with one of the Editmaster systems at TC. This used Vertical Interval Time Code for frame accuracy and a PC to run the logging program. A screen shot of the PC program is shown below, and it would be a fore runner of things to come in the 1990s.
Editrack screen