The BBC Area in Moscow
This plan is not to scale as, so far, I can find no drawings - corrections wecome please! The area was, for a change, on the third floor of the International Broadcast Centre in Ostankino and was adjacent to the Ostankino TV Tower. Built as a transmission centre for broadcasts to Siberia and the East, it was made almost entirely of aluminium, with the most deadly sharp floor tiles! There as a steepish central staircase (see Moscow Gallery), which we used to run up - ah, youth! - also all doors opened out into corridors.Six VPR2s were installed as shown in the plan above, and, we operated on SECAM, which produced interesting operational 'bonuses' with the VPR2s (it was possible to edit in Insert mode, do a sound mix and, while still recording, flip to Assemble - very useful, but it didn't work like that back home in PAL!)., The area is little changed today, although the Exhibition of Soviet Economic Achievements is a shadow of its former self, but the hotel is still the "Cosmos".
One addition is the construction of a monorail which runs from the Cosmos across the middle of the picture, passing IBC. You can see some pictures and a description by clicking on this here (opens in a new window).
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