The 1990s
MovieThe 90s became a digital age. After a mere eleven years of C format one inch, the reign of reel to reel tape came to an end and cassette was king. The D3s gave superb pictures, amazing multi generation quality and the ability to pre-read, a concept that had been tinkered with in one inch. I have just discovered a copy of the original D3 Pre-read Demonstration created in Edit Suite C by Dick Gandy (on Charisma) and me for Don Kershaw. This was made using just one D3 to record/ replay and the Charisma to create the balls. Click the usual icon to watch - I have speeded it up a bit!
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A D3 (photograph courtesy of BFI)
Edit Suite 4
The new edit suites in Stage V were equipped with Grass Valley 200 vision mixers
interfaced with the Sony BVE9100 editors - for a plan, click here
As well as the standard ADO100s, the Charisma DVE was in use.