The 1970s
By the start of the 1970s the Ampex VR1000s and RCA TR22s that had started off Television Recording had passed into history. The VR2000s, first introduced at the beginning of 1966, had taken over and were followed by VR1200s, VR2000Bs, an AVR1 and, in 1975, by AVR2s. The RCA TR22s were superceded by the TR70C. And, at the end of the decade, we saw the first of the C format machines, the VPR1 - sadly no pictures.
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VT42, an Ampex VR20000B, in Transmission Area 1
VT7, An Ampex VR1200 pair, in the early 1970s
VT14, the sole AVR1 in 1976
An AVR2 - seen here in the early 1990s as the Basement closed down
A trio of TR70Cs in the (in)famous Edit Suite 2 in 1978