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January 21, 2005 - 02:05 AM
Fred Little

I remember seeing that first demonstration of VERA by Richard Dimbleby. Problem is it only seems like yesterday! I wanted to be a cameraman but it didn\'t happen. I remember those morning short documentarys interspersed with test card "C". All seen on our 12inch Peto Scott receiver tuned to the new Holme Moss transmitter. A little later I took part in the Saturday morni" ng stereo experiments. ..wo nder ful times. An d someti mes the s et woul d r un fo r up to two weeks without breaking d own! My parent s bought t he T V for the Coronatio n. ..I di dn\'t watch it.. .I was having fun o uts ide on t he scoot er m y dad had made fo r m e!< br>Thi s Web S ite is f anta stic!< br>T hanks
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