Lime Grove Telecine
MovieAs you may have noticed from the Plan, Telecine was an integral part of the Television Recording complex at Lime Grove. Our replay routing went via TK's duplexer (although record routing was by way of Film Recording on the ground floor of which we currently have no pictures). Recently a piece of film, shot by Lawford Thomas, was passed on to us by John Crane. To view the complete film, click of the camera icon on the right. The stills below come from the film and there is also a brief sequence of tea making (!) available in Memories, VT Tea. Faces you may recognise are John Crane, Richard Browne, Jim Mimnagh, Dave Simpson and Pete Chart.
John Crane at the desk in TK9 The duplexer patch bay in TK Control
All valves in those days! The Tea Making area in TK - well, we survived it!!