ETD in April 1966 - Bob Oakley's VT Course
(along with Mike Adley & Denis Kelly)

Bob has scanned these two photographs which will bring back many memories for those of you who attended Wood Norton in the 'earlier' days!
Main Building
The Main Building
Classroom 1
Classroom 1
Remember the plinth for the lecturers to walk along - and those lecturers who were so engrossed in their subject that they actually fell off the end! The subject on the blackboard is the RCA TR22 (see below).
An enlargement of the centre panel
Studio 13
Studio 13
I can remember sitting by the left hand radiator in the late winter of 1967 (C Course), also running the weekly movies with changeovers on the two mis-matched Bell & Howell 16mm projectors!
Studio 13 was also used for Badminton - four of us used to play in the evening most days, and one guy always beat everyone - it later transpired he had been the All England Junior Badminton Champion!! And, finally, the other piece of equipment was the vending machine just outside in the courtyard that, if treated with respect, could deliver endless free cups of hot chocolate!