EMT Splicer

Following a worldwide search we have finally come up with pictures of an EMT splicer, thanks to Dave Moody at the BFI. It transpires that Graham Dawson, who runs GNG Facilities, still has one which he uses regularly - sorting out some of our old edits maybe?

This page is temporary until our new Editing section is completed which will detail the history of editing from the first razor blade to the Sony 9000 (non-linear is too modern for us oldies!).

EMT splicer
An EMT splicer in 2005. Those in use in Tel Rec (how many did we have - 2?) were stood on a Dexion trolley to bring them up to deck height - obviously too heavy to hang on the front of a machine like a Smiths spilcer.
EMT control track head
Closeup of the head that reads the control track - a switch on the front (seen in the picture below) selects between control track and cue track.
EMT blade and suction
The edit pulse was viewable on the oscilloscope screen (top right) and the two perforated areas in the tape path allowed a vacuum pump to hold the tape steady while the splicing tape (held in the container with the black knob) was rolled down smooth using the builtin roller.