Don Kershaw

Don Kershaw 1932 - 2008

It is sad that with the rapid demise of videotape, now well into its fiftieth year, the fates have decided that Don too should pass on.
We doubt that Don’s untimely death can ever dim memories of him for certainly in the BBC, in the UK in general and around the world, videotape and Don Kershaw were inextricably linked.
Since the BBC’s purchase of its first Ampex VR1000 in 1958, Don spent his life helping turn that ‘grey box’ and many subsequent ones into real production tools for editors and producers alike. The evidence is sitting in programme archives around the world.
To those close and not so close to Don he was warm, compassionate, understanding and above all had an uncanny knack of knowing what was needed before anyone asked.  This was true not just in engineering terms but when those around him were in need of help. He was an engineer and a craftsman who had the respect of programme makers of all genres and there is no question that without Don and his team, videotape would not have had been the success it was.

We can only say, Don, Thank You.