Dave Jones

Dave on TVOn Tuesday, May 3rd, we said farewell to Dave. Afterwards at his home, we all reminisced with Frances, his wife, Martin & Mike, his sons, about Dave and his time in VT.

Mike has sent me this photograph, taken from a TV screen, of Dave's moment of fame in a programme which took a brief look at videotape

I assume it was about Match of the Day, as, not only is it footy on the monitors, but the familiar stance of Alan Griffiths cannot be missed!
(Area 2 VT30?)

Dave's carMy most memorable recollection of Dave took place nearly 40 years ago in Munich.
Dave and Sam Andrew had driven down for the UK in Dave's Ford Zodiac, pictured right, on September 5th 1972 just below Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.
Robin Clark, Arnie Brown, Roger Harvey, and I had an "off duty day" and we decided to visit Innsbruch, just down the road, in Dave's car.
Along with Roger's flatmate Alan we lunched above the Inn valley in bright sunshine having no idea of the tragic events undfolding in Munich.
I was driving, trying to heed Dave's instructions not to go too fast on the autobahn for fear of overheating the engine(!) when we reached the German border.
There had been a typing error on the expiry date of our Green Card and, in a terrifying confrontation, pistols were drawn by the border guard - who didn't speak a word of English!
Roger Harvey, who was in the back, tried to help ...... which would have been good, except he had been sampling his beloved Löwenbrau! "Bloody foreigners" would have been a mild interpretation of his comments! Eventually common sense reigned and the guard's boss, who spoke English, sorted it all out.

But RDH had the last word, as I accelerated as fast as I could away from the border, by hanging out the window and haranguing the guard who was now disappearing in a cloud of smoke from the car!
We didn't hang about on the way back to Munich!!

Dave in MunichFinally, from me, one photograph from Dennis Collett, which captures perfectly Dave in Munich, all those years ago...... RIP, Dave.

Chris Booth