Alastair Muir, Sam Upton,?, Sam Andrew in VT Contro Ros Pool, Mark Shivas, Alan "Scruffy" Clark, Steve Murray and Howard Dell
John Sillitto, Syd Lotterby & Michael Crawford Mike Hanley & Richard Parrot
Shift 1 lunchtime in BAR Peter Francis
Sue Morgan, Wendy Webb & Andy Quested Doug Heselton and bit of Chris Booth
Chris Wadsworth, Howard Dell and Simon Betts
John Ramsden, Dave Williams, Mike Herbert,
Fred Pellow and Stan Pow
Edward G Wooden doing his Elton John impersonation outside Gray's Inn. In the early 1980s some VT staff had visited Gray's Inn to consult a QC about whether we could be forced into working overnight on Breakfast TV. (it turned out that we could!)
Peter Cleaver (left) and Laurence Vulliamy (right) Dennis Main WIlson in VT3
Tony Foster in the back of a machine Nigel Cattle changes a tape while Suite C is under construction in the background